My current Playlist: What Songs & Albums I Love Listening To

I skipped a week, and yes, I am aware.

I was thinking of what I could provide you with for this week and if you know me, you know I am a lover of music. It’s still a bit difficult for me to let go of certain songs/artists, because some of them just sincerely suck and I hadn’t realized it until now.

BUT, never has that taken away the love I have for my music, because thank God for different music genres and lyrics and artists and bands and diverse languages, ugh. I love music.

SO, I decided to pile up some of my favorite songs and albums.


  1. Gilberto Daza – Tu Palabra
  2. Alex Zurdo – Que Espere
  3. Gilberto Daza – Dónde Andarás?
  4. Kike Pavon – Me Gusta
  5. Hillsong – What a Beautiful Name
  6. Lecrae – I’ll Find You ft. Tori Kelly
  7. Gilberto Daza – Se Van
  8. Redimi2 – Ruge 2.0
  9. Funky – Luz y Sal ft. Edward Sanchez
  10. Evan Craft – Arde en mi ft. Redimi2
  11. Alex Zurdo – No cuenten conmigo
  12. Ed Sheeran – Perfect (all the versions he ever released)
  13. Twenty One Pilots – Addict With a Pen
  14. Twenty One Pilots – The Judge
  15. Gilberto Daza – Yo Tengo (live)
  16. Redimi2 – Viviré ft. Evan Craft


  1. Gilberto Daza – Tu Palabra (Live)
  2. Alex Zurdo – De La A a La Z
  3. Alex Zurdo – A Z Live
  4. Gilberto Daza – A Los Brazos De Papa
  5. Tercer Cielo – Hollywood
  6. Tercer Cielo – Eternamente Enamorados
  7. Tercer Cielo – Viaje a Las Estrellas
  8. Funky – Acceso Total Tour Edition
  9. Twenty One Pilots – Vessel
  10. Twenty One Pilots – BlurryFace



Did I mention that I actually LOVE live albums?

En Fin, There are so many more songs and albums I love listening too, but currently these are on my top list. And since I’m improving my Spanish more and more, these songs teach so many new words!

I hop you enjoyed this one. Next week the topic will be a little more different and more serious, so stay updated on that one next week. And possibly the week after that will also be a more serious topic I’ll be discussing.

Thank you for reading and let me know which songs and/or albums you currently listen to!

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

– Hans Christian Andersen


Yours Sincerely,



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