Esaki Ta Mi Isla

“This Is My Island”

In case you wondered what the heck I was going to talk about this week.

Happy Thursday Blog!

This week I’ll be dedicating this post to my precious Island, Aruba.

Now, Aruba has roughly 100,000 people living on the island and is part of the ABC Islands located in the Caribbean Sea:

The Map of Aruba

It is the island where I was born, raised on and where I recently re-located to after six years of living in the Netherlands.

Now, I have many things I love about living here. I mean, it has some of the most beautiful beaches around the world. And the furthest you can be from a beach here is probably 10 minutes:


These last two days, my family and I visited the beach and took our chihuahua with us for a little swim. If I could live in front of the beach, I would:


I like taking pictures in the moment, but I also love posed pictures:


Furthermore, it is home to many different ethnicities. I, for example, am daughter of an Aruban mother and a Dominican father. My grandparents and great-grandparents are and were Dominicans and Venezuelans. My stepmother is Colombian and my neighbors are natives from Suriname:


Just to give you an idea.

If you haven’t been to the California Lighthouse on your visit, then you are missing out on a beautiful view:


And roadtrips in general are just the best, even if it’s for a minute:


So, if you wanna visit for the first, second or one hundredth time. Take road trips, visit the beaches, wake up and look around you and capture the things that seem the most appealing to you:


“Find me under the palms.”

– Unknown

Your Sincerely,


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