A Constant Chain Of Random Thoughts

I have been gone for a long time. I have no clue why I should come up with some excuse to explain my absence. Just know that I have too much on my plate to handle right now.

So for now, here’s a poem-thingy I wrote.


Why do I let the time pass me by

When there’s so much to prove before I die

As the years pass by, all I see are my memories that fade

The night melts away and my mind starts to race

The darkness that comforts me

Makes my worries far too big

The questions that keep me wondering

Constantly I’m pondering

Before I know it

Daylight rises back from it’s grave

Life or death

A life full of death

To strive or to quit

Whatever it is, reality will hit

To have meaning or to be once known

I can never remember a good deed I’ve done

I only reflect on the bad deed

The bad deed that stays put

Put at the back of my mind

I’m sorry I don’t smile all the time

I’m sorry I’m not always brave

If today I don’t wave

Maybe it just wasn’t that great of a day

No matter how my day became grey

I’ll stay true to you at the end of the day

I’m sorry for the things I say

The bed wasn’t always comfortable when I would lay

Truth is that you can’t peel off the truth underneath bare skin

I’m sorry you thought there was only one thing

All I do is worry

Worry about nothing

Worry about something

Worry about everything

There I go again

Worry about all the things that can kill and torture me

But here I sit and worry repeatedly

” Depression is the inability to construct a future. “

-Rollo May

Yours Sincerely,


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