that must be what the individual feels every night

looking out into the sea of people admiring what he has to say

with every word that he spoke

the crowd would always remember what he said

every melody he sang,

they sang back to him

the girl in the crowd felt it

the energy

the excitement

the mixed emotions

they showed why they were here

he showed why he would stay

his best of friend that was always by his side

showed his passion in the same way he did

funny how it made her feel

the bass taking over her whole body

other beings surrounding her

sharing the same love and dedication

two boys who went through sleepless nights

constant rehearsals

long travels

and still put on a show

that leave the crowd remembering

wondering when they’ll have this feeling again

which is exactly what the girl wondered the next morning

last night was a blur of what her memory could keep

the next day

life was back to normal

like nothing ever happened

it was then that the girl had realized what she wanted in life

to live the life the two boys were living

to experience the things they experience

to show the people what she was capable of

but the girl is scared

terrified that she won’t be heard

petrified that she will be crushed by critics

will she live to fight for this life?

will she try to make it work?

where will she start?

who will she become?

She can’t help but wonder

but she’ll replay the memories of the other night

and she will find inspiration and passion within it

and she will strive

strive to make it happen

to show what she has in her

and one day they will sing to her as she will sing to them

like the crowd sang to the two boys the same way they sang to the crowd.

“I’m just being dramatic

In fact I’m only at it again

As an addict with a pen”

-Addict With a Pen, Twenty One Pilots

Yours Sincerely,


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