Taking The Long Way Home & Taking On New Challenges

I’m finally writing again after God knows how long and it feels good. I’m currently writing this on a plane back to Holland, so by the time I post it, it’s probably two days later because I like procrastinating. I spend five whole weeks in Aruba with my brother by my side. I connected with dad and my stepmom and I’ve gotten closer to my little sister and little brother more than ever.

And in those five weeks I’ve learned more about Jesus. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned in those five weeks and I’m still learning so much more. I was also fortunate to have met great people that I know I can talk to whenever I have trouble with something. I enjoyed going to Sunday church services, attending biblical studies on Wednesdays and my most favorite was the Youth Group meetings on Fridays. After youth meeting, we would sit and talk or play some kind of sport. I liked the talking part, because each time I would learn something new about someone. But most importantly, thanks to God, I got to meet new people and learned more about God Himself.

I also enjoyed the VBS (Vacation Bible School) of this year, because, again, it made me connect with a lot of people. And, again, I learned new things about Jesus.

In fact, I was so interested in the word of God, that I decided taking on a new challenge:

Attend Logos Hope within 5 years and become a missionary.

For those who aren’t aware of what Logos Hope is, I’ll put a video link at the end of the post. And I hope some of you are aware of what a missionary is and if you don’t know, here’s a little explanation:



  1. One who is sent on a mission, especially one sent to do religious
    or charitable work in a territory or foreign country.

Anyways. After those five weeks came to an end, the sadness starts to kick in. My sister was the breaking point for me right before we left. I told everyone around me “No crying today, just think of it as a one year vacation.”

Unfortunately, my little sister was the first to come hug me, and cry in my arms. I was biting my tongue so I wouldn’t cry, but I couldn’t deny the tears that were already spilling. And then one of my best friends started crying and almost everyone was crying at that point. It was an emotional rollercoaster when the time came to say goodbye. Knowing that my brother and I were leaving people we dearly care about was hard to accept. But we were very calm after all the tears were done spilling. The reason for that was that we knew, on the other side of the world, we had our other family waiting for us to come back to them and be as one again.

It was a long journey and we’re taking the long way home for this, but at the end, we learned a lot from all of this. To end this, I’ll quote a verse, from the VBS I went to this year, that we had to memorize the entire week.

And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left.

Isaiah 30:21


Yours Sincerely,  

Clouds x

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