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Well, I’m officially graduating high school in less than two weeks and I’m just excited to finally leave that school I was attending for four years of my life (side note: I still don’t have a dress for graduation and it’s kind of driving me crazy). I’m happy, because I’ve had some tough times being in high school (like almost every single person does) and to finally leave that behind is like a huge weight lifted off of my shoulder.

They say that your high school years are the best years of your life. I’m not disagreeing with that, but I don’t want to agree. I did so many things being in high school, so I guess that’s a good thing. But I’ve experienced awful things too. But hey, I guess that that’s how you become more mature.

I actually learnt a lot of things in high school. There were some great highlights of high school and there were some bad highlights of high school (I’m not sure if you would say ‘bad highlights’, but oh well). I’ve learnt the ups and downs of high school. But I (surprisingly) learnt to make it through all of the madness of high school.
I’m actually also disappointed at the things I missed out on. You know, like the Christmas ball (or gala, idk). Now, it was my own fault for not going to that ball. I just wasn’t in the mood, because the previous year wasn’t the most fun. But things like senior pranks or prom, were not organised this year. It’s sad, because that would’ve been awesome to experience and now I will never know what it’s actually like.

But now is time to start a new chapter in my life, which is going to a new school. Despite me knowing about this school and having it next to my old school, I’m still excited to see what I’ll be learning for the next two years.

I think I’m going to keep this short, because I have nothing more exciting to tell. But before I do go, I would like to mention some pro’s and con’s of being in high school for four long years of my life.

Pro’s :

  • – I met wonderful friends
  • – I learnt that it gets better
  • – Math and Economics made me way smarter in real life situations

Con’s :

  • – There will be people who are going to be cruel without a reason
  • – Teachers that leave all of a sudden
  • – Getting an awful grade for a important test

Truth is, those were lame pro’s and con’s and probably not helpful, but relatable anyways.
Well, that’s pretty much all for now. If there’s one more thing I’ve learnt in high school , then it’s that it is important and it could be a helpful plan B if you’re down for something else. I’m also going to end this with some funny quotes, because truth be told, I didn’t really like high school anyways.

“High school sucked. It was a universal truth, and whoever said these were supposed to be the best years of your life was probably drunk or delusional.”

– Kami Garcia
“High school isn’t a very important place. When you’re going, you think it’s a big deal, but when it’s over nobody really thinks it was great unless your beered up.”

-Stephen King

Yours Sincerely,

Clouds x

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